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Prethen's 3CN: 11-coin sets

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The grades are basically technical grades accounting for strike and overall appearance; although I tried to give them prices based on market acceptability. All coins appear to be completely original and largely problem-free, except where noted.


There are a lot of varieties here. Most of the descriptions are not mine but I was allowed to use them and the pictures by the original seller. There are four pictures that make the coins appear a different color. I had to retake certain scans and the coloration is really no different than all the other coins; it's just the way the scan imaged the coin.


The prices have been discounted to account for the fact these are being sold as a set.


Below are links to directories where you can see pictures of each coin in a given set:


Set 1 ($250 + $5 shipping)

1865- Choice XF-struck through grease on reverse?; reverse scrapes

1866- XF - some obv scratches, the rev is rotated CCW to 11:30, and the reverse has seven rim to wreath cracks

1867- Choice VF-spotting on reverse; 7 touches hair

1868- VF-abrasion on cheek; reverse rotated clockwise to 12:30

1869- Choice VF-minor scrape on reverse

1870- Choice VF - small rev scratch; two reverse cracks at 1:00 and 2:00 possibly forming an EDS retained cud, and the reverse is rotated CW a little bit

1871- VF

1872- XF-scrape on reverse

1873- VF-scruffy, possible mild corrosion on obverse

1874- Choice VF-light obverse scratch and spot on obverse

1881- XF-reverse marks


Set 2 ($275 + $5 shipping)

1865- Choice VF-center of reverse very softly struck (grease?); cracks through the 8 in the date and the tip of the coronet

1866- Choice VF-four reverse cracks

1867- Choice VF - 7 touches hair, a reverse crack at 2:45

1868- Choice F

1869- Choice VF - strong rev crack from the left wreath tip

1870- VF - luster remains, weak strike

1871- VF

1872- Choice VF

1873 (Closed 3)- VF

1874- VF - top of 1 touches bust, rev rotated CW to 12:30, and a crack at 12:30

1881- VF - the top loop of S1 is filled which is very unusual


Set 3 ($290 + $5 shipping)

1865- Choice VF-heavy crack on lower obverse, light clashing

1866- VF

1867- VF

1868- XF-couple of tiny rim marks on obverse; reverse retained cud listed as TCNC-1868-4RA Ret

1869- Choice VF - light scrape on top reverse; some luster

1870- XF-couple of scratches on reverse

1871- VF

1872- Choice VF - weak reverse wreath variety

1873 (Closed 3)- Choice XF - some mild corrosion on bottom reverse

1874- Choice VF - rev scratch

1881- Choice XF-minor reverse spotting


Set 4 ($300 + $5 shipping)

1865- Choice VF (some luster)

1866- XF-a late die state with reverse retained cud, 8R Ret that has a lump on top of the left numeral

1867- Choice VF-7 touches hair, reverse rotated clockwise to 12:30, a few reverse cracks

1868- VF - an obv crack from the 18 to the bust, tops of UN, and the rim above T

1869- Choice VF - DDR - FS-4.7, reverse rotated CW to 12:30

1870- VF

1871- VF - small spot in the obverse field right of the base of the F

1872- Choice VF (some luster) - has an unlisted rev retained cud from 7:30 to 12:00 and is rotated CW a little bit, and obv crack from rim to U to bust

1873- Choice VF

1874- VF

1881- VF - RPD-003, clogged 8's though


Set 5 ($350 + $6.50 shipping)

1865- XF

1866- XF-many cracks

1867- Choice VF - rev rotated CW to 12:30, 7 touches the hair, and the rev is clashed

1868- VF

1869- Choice VF

1870- Choice VF-reverse rotated clockwise to 1:00

1871- Choice VF

1872- XF-reverse rotated clockwise to 12:30

1873- Choice VF

1874- XF

1881- XF-some luster remains


Set 6 ($400 + $6.50 shipping) [HOLD]

1865- XF - clashed, strong rev crack at 1:30, and an obv crack on the top of MERICA.

1866- XF (little luster) - a late die state with reverse retained cud, 8R Ret that has a lump on top of the left numeral

1867- Choice XF-some luster remains; lightly clashed.

1868- Choice VF (little luster)

1869- XF-light clashing

1870- XF

1871- XF

1872- XF

1873 (Closed 3)-- XF

1874- XF-reverse rotated CW to 12:30, two strong reverse cracks

1881- XF - 88 repunched West, RPD-006, strong obv clash, many rev cracks (neat coin!)


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