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  1. Not sure where to put this but I thought New Topic the best so I did not mess up anyones topic.what do you guys think this is worth just 100.00 or 200.00???
  2. I have this 1940 nickel looks to be in good shape anyone know if it is worth to have graded? and or whats it worth?
  3. ok last one here. Or do i have to put all in new topic? This penny i found will not stay in the book every time i open it it falls out. Has anyone seen this before. I am sure someone has. But like I said earlier new to this tons of questions. Would like to know more. I read alot if it intrests me like to know more any sugestions???
  4. did not know if it was a 1922 that did not have the D mark on it
  5. thought this one was cool not sure what happend to it.
  6. I have ths 192? penny just wondering if it is just that worn or something else?I have tons of questions but way to many to list.