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  1. Thank you for the replies, I got on today and the prices are on the coins again. Yesterday they were missing on several of my quarters and nickels that were graded PF69 and the value was not there I am aware of the detail grades will not have a value but regular coins I had that are not detail did not have the value anymore so that is what I was questioning. I will have to be more clear in my questions next time so not to confuse anyone on what I was wondering, I could have been more clear to the problem. Thank you for responses!
  2. Why are some of the prices on my coins missing? I see blanks in the value of my coins and they are NGC coins.... what is the reason for this?
  3. 82 is a 63, the 83 may hit 65 may be PL but the obv doesn't look PL like the Rev could be the picture, and the 81 is a 63 borderline 64 may lean on the 64.
  4. Thank you I will submit it all on one and see what happens
  5. I guess you didn't understand the statement, I am submitting raw coins, 5 morgan dollars and I have one more that is a variety coin a VAM 170 but on the submission form it says except variety plus and they have to be submitted on a separate form... so when I do a separate form it wants to charge me another 10.00 handling fee and a 24.00 shipping fee .... why can't I just submit 6 raw coins for grading including the variety plus coin and be charged the extra 15.00 ... why does it have to be on a separate form?
  6. I want to submit 5 coins, simple. I want to include one coin variety plus, now becomes not simple. from what I see variety plus coins have to be submitted on a different form but it wants to charge me another 10.00 handle fee and 24.00 shipping fee... why? can't it just be the extra 15 bucks and be done with it?