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  1. I had 2 coins graded which I don't feel the grading was fair ngc should explain why coin was given this grade there should be a scale to show why this coin was given a low or high grade this is only fair after paying so much money they just leave you in wonder no explanation coin grading is leaving a bad taste in my mouth this hobby is not for me sorry to vent
  2. Does this quarter appear to deserve a higher grade then 64 there is no mark nicks any where looks like it was just drop from mint please give reply
  3. I'm a new coin collector my nickle was given an unfair grading 1964 with full uninterrupted steps should have received a higher grade than 65 I don't feel like my jefferson nickel was given the grade deserved I ask for my coin to be regraded I was told that I had to pay another $51.00 dollars .I don't feel that the appraisal of my coin was fair I ask the president of NGC to have another appraisal done on my coin. Thank you