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  1. I tried to put it in black & white, I’ll send higher definition when I can, but I couldn’t believe everyone’s non-reaction when I tried to show this the first time, but now I do. I need a better picture, but this 1916 is better than anything I’ve seen graded and the only flaw is the doubling on in God We Trust and the date. Otherwise, it’s never been touched.. I’ll try to take a better picture, but I put it black & white I guess for comparison.
  2. Found this today better pics, it is 31/2 leg with off center reverse
  3. Nothing, I was so cross eyed last night his ear looked like a P to me.... went through about 1500 pennies for an estate... my wife thinks I’m going nuts.
  4. Been looking at coins so long, think I’m seeing mint marks in wired places....
  5. I hate to say the word, but what do you guys see here? Thanks
  6. Karen, this was the closest example to your coin.. These markings compared to yours with the ooos on the side & everything else look the closest. We’re all just trying to help. I used eBay, an American sight for you to compare.