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  1. Appreciate that nice comment about my 1932 gold and of course I will sell it to you if you want

  2. Absolutely Gorgeous Bust Half $ ABSOLUTELY FREAKING GORGEOUS BUST HALF $😍😍👍👍😎😎 Sean.
  3. MAN O MAN ALIVE!!!!!....NICE GEM+++ PROOF INDIAN CENT!!😮😮👍 AND THAT '32 GOLD 10$ Indian!!!.......THE YEAR BEFORE FDR "STOLE" Every US Citizens Gold Coins!!......I WOULD NEVER-EVER SELL THAT "Almost" '33 Gold Coin!!......DONT SEE VERY MANY THAT HAVE NOT BEEN MESSED WITH!!!.....AND With a GREEN BEAN TO BOOT!!😎😎😎😍😍......I have to go look up the POP of that coin, and I bet that very few '32's Have been "CACed"!!......BY THE WAY!.....WANT TO SELL HER??😍😀.....DARN IT!.....Some guy said that you should NEVER SEEL HER! LOL! 😩😜 Sean
  4. You are Very Welcome 😉 But Again, I would indeed call Cust. Serv. to see if Having A Special Set Placed into one of their Oversized Multi-Coin Holders IS an option......As you may get Lucky! Sean.
  5. Do you have a pic. to upload? As I would love to see it!.......And you state the Doubling is on the Date Only?..... Sean
  6. BINGO!!....GIVE THIS MAN A STAR!!.... As I am also Very Confident that this IS Indeed the cause of the "Discoloration" of the Coin due to the fact that my Daughter Indeed Performed this Exact Experiment in her Chemistry Class by adding a thin layer of Zinc Via Electrolysis!.....
  7. The Graders must "Crack Open" the OGP (Original Government Packaging) Holding the Coins, because the chance of Each Coin recieving the Same Grade is just about Guaranteed NOT to happen!...... Also, certain OGP Holders often contain some materials that are just NOT very good for long term Storage. Meaning that some of the metals in coins could negatively react with certain plasticizers that are contained in some of the Government Mint Holders. And therefore NGC (And other 3rd party Grading Services) Simply could NOT Guaranty that the coins would not Degrade in such Holders......Believe me, MANY Years and R and D Testing has gone into NGC/NCS Coming up with the most possible "INERT" Holder (Slab) materials available to make sure that Coins will look the same many decades after NGC Encapsulates them! I do know that Many 3rd Party Grading companies such as NGC Does have "Oversized" Holders that can hold multible Coins....But Im not sure that this would be an option for your particular case...... I suggest that you give Customer Service a phone call to see what your options are, Unless another Member that is much more informed than I could chime in ; - ) Sean Reilly
  8. WOW!!!..... WHAT A SUPER DEEP STRIKE FOR ANY "BIG EASY" Minted Morgan!!...I mean they had the Steam Pressure set to 1 Notch Before EXPLODE! LOL!.... JUST LOOK AT HOW DEEP THAT DATE AND THE #1 STAR IS!! THEY ALMOST PUNCHED THAT OBVERSE CLEAN THROUGH THE COIN!!.....You just do not see that strong of a O minted Morgan in 95% of the Coins out there!........NICE MORGAN!......I am not kidding when I say that I have yet to see that Strong of a Strike on a New Orleans Morgan in Years!....And I have NEVER had an O Morgie that has been "Smacked" By A Press Like That Beauty!!.....And that is the Truth!...And I have been at this since I placed my GSA CC Bid form in the mail back in the .....Well you know it was in the early '70's......Man Im Getting OLD : - ( Sean
  10. That Morgie is a 65+ ALL DAY LONG! ; - ) THEY WERE SUPER TOUGH BACK IN THE EARLY '90's When she was Graded!.......Love those 'Ol "Fatty" Slabs!!.....And a PRISTINE SLAB AT THAT!! (AND "GREN BEANED" TO BOOT! (No Visable Scratches, AND A UNSCATHED HOLOGRAM on the Back too!!......The last owner of that Beauty took Great care of her!....Gorgeous Morgie With Monster Pastel Toning, in a Pristine Vintage Holder!......How Much Do You Want For Her?....Just Kidding ...... Sean
  11. Thanks!.....Yeah, I have always been a sucker for Proof Trade $'s ! Especially DCAM's...... I was actually the ONLY Owner of the VERY Difficult to aquire 1873 PROOF TRADE $ As from 1995-Until 2008, I was the ONLY PERSON To own the ONLY DEEP CAMEO 1873 PF-62 DCAM! Then in late 2008 My Coin was beat out by a PF-63 DCAM! : - ( ....Then in 2012 in popped a 64-DCAM!!!.....But I still think that it is pretty cool that there is still only a Population of 3 1873 PF DCAM TRADE $'s (Unfortunately all PCGS) as NGC has yet to grade a 1873 PF Trade in ULTRA CAMEO........But I just Might send Mine in for a Crossover!!!....I have to see if I can post a few pics of her!
  12. Wow!!.....Some Absolutely Gorgeous Coins Posted Here......Got this Beauty Last Week
  13. Just my 1cent, as I myself know next to ZERO (Which is just that 0!) about what the actual wt. size etc should be on a coin of this type... I will add that I myself do own a 1788 8 Escudo (JJ Columbia) which of course....Has ZERO to do with the questions at hand! LOL....But....I would CERTAINLY suggest that you indeed Start out by having the Au assayed, Butt! I would certainly find a "High End" Reputable Coin Dealer or Jeweler that has the latest Eqiptment that does not have to damage the piece in question AT ALL! Not stepping on ANY toes here but the Electronic Equipment used in todays Hi End Shops need not sacrifice even 1 Grain of the metal of that piece, because 95% of the Hi End Dealers have invested in the latest X-Ray (Fluoroscopy) Technology in order to be able to give the EXACT metallurgical make up of anything brought into their Store that They Themselves might want to purchace!!.....And these machines need not even come into contact with the peice to be tested (Except for a Precise Weight) As these machines unfortunately are a HUGE NECESSITY as more than 37% Of Professionaly Packaged and Sealed Gold Bullion Bars have been found to be EXTREMELY GOOD FAKES!!!......YEP! Some of these Mini Ingots (Right down to the 2oz variety have shown to have up to 3.5mm of .9999 Fine Au (Gold Plating) on them!!....More than enough to "Pass" the Nitric acid "Scrach" Test! And the middle is Pure Lead!!....And you would NOT BELIEVE The extent these unscrupulous SOB's went that extra 10 MILES! on packaging, and the Quality Control of these Ingots themselves!!.....TRUST ME, These Coin/Bullion Dealers were AMAZED at the counterfeiters Overall Quality! And Trust Me! Buyer Beware on E-Bay when it comes to these Fake Pamp, And Suisse Bars!!.....ONLY BUY THEM FROM SOMBODY LIKE APMEX, MONACO etc. As Trust Me! I watched as longtime Dealers were Fooled in this special!.....(Its on YouTube now) As I watched a special on this where people that had thought they had Many, Many Thosands of Dollars in Gold in their safes, and safety deposit boxes, wound up having a BUNCH OF JUNK! But just in case this Coin IS Genuine! And is Pirate Treasure! You do NOT Want ANY Scratches from sombody testing the Gold content.......As from what I have read, even if it turnes out to be a fake Coin......Chances are IT IS INDEED REAL HI FINESS Gold in most cases! I wish you ALL THE LUCK THAT YOU FOUND YOURSELF ONE HECK OF A COIN! As I hope it IS GENUINE!...But at any rate, most fakes are Indeed made out of REAL GOLD!.... Sean