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  1. This was the first pic I took just because it didn’t look right.... omg 😂😂 your so mean .... My sister says I remind her of Vern in Stand by Me ... the one collecting the pennies
  2. Guys! I added 2 more photos the lower one seems to be the normal one. Also , have you came across one Where it appears the baby has large tears “crying baby” ? I’ll see if I can find the pic... just curious Seriously, if I look at a coin long enough can find flaws in all of them.... this is exhausting 😂😂
  3. Also I have another appears to be “ crying baby” has anyone came across that before?
  4. Hi there , I actually posted in wrong forum so re-posting ( Thanks JustBob) I have 5 of these coins and this one is different, so could Someone help? Is my poor bird wounded?
  5. ok sorry 😐 so the top one is the first one but not sure I may have mixed the other two but they are not scratched 🤣😂oops sorry , idk how I did that
  6. Ok Thanks, it’s far from looking like An actual S but I’ll go with that,.. 😊 Thanks
  7. Ok sorry forgot , working so I will post this evening🤪
  8. I can’t figure this mint out? Can someone help?
  9. Ok I have several so can someone tell me what they would categorize the first one and possible grades, best guess? They aren’t worth much but maybe one day...
  10. This look fine I have seen, is it me or does Liberty look really large?
  11. Was this made like this or what ? Received in change today , not really thinking it’s worth a nickel just curious
  12. Does someone have info on this?
  13. What happen to this penny? I think the marks are unique...the D is struck black
  14. I’m throwing some of these out there trying to get info on them, Is this a bronze penny or just a regular penny?
  15. Not sure if this is The 72 DD but it might be. Can I get an opinion?