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  1. Thank you very muck,learned people. Cheers Bob at Cow Bay
  2. Come across this weird old coin . No lingo I can read. 20mm in Dia 5mm Hole and 2mm thick Any Clues
  3. This is a 1960 Australian Half Penny . Got these Strange spikes on the Kangaroos Back is this a Mint error? And does it add any value to my poor little Halfpenny
  4. Thanks for the Feedback fellas. Yes I found a good picture of a genuine one, and this is definatly a Dud !!! But I don't think I can Blame the Oriental Artists {Counterfieters} either. I found another pic of exactly what I have , Proudly stating it was made by " Swedish Vasa Dura " Replica Medals, Coins, and Collectable Badges .
  5. Could any of you clever folk tell me how to confirm the authenticity of this 1629 Polish Taler . Or is it just another Chinese Dud ?????
  6. This turned up in a mixed bag from a junk auction. I don't think its anything valuble. But still love to know what it is,?????
  7. Thanks Mate. Like I said I don't know much about this Grading caper. But your reply helps me alot. Cheers
  8. Still trying to get my head around 'Grading" Any Clues on this Coins Grade??
  9. Thank you Coin Spec for Breakin' me Heart !!! Thought I had a Bewdy but really had S.F.A. But seriously Thank You. What a Jolt of education. Broken Emus Leg ?? Looks more like a Dingo chomped right through it. The article you recomended for further reading was excellent. I don't think I'm up to declaring war on China for Fostering these these Scoundrels, But I certainly agree with educating Mugs like me to be be more aware of whats out there. Thank You Again
  10. Thanks Condor101 for your reply. I could not seem to agree with you though , the line of what I also presumed as Pearls going either side of the cross had 13 balls aside, did not make sense. Kept on Googling and Blow me Down if EBay did not come up with the answer. A fella named Walter Eigner wrote a very detailed explaination on what its all about. Its about the Band of the Crown {The bit that goes around his head} there is a Diamond {Not a Cross} that wears out first. Right above his LordShips ear. and on that band there are 4 lots of 2 Pearls which also wear out early in the life of the coin. So it seems if ya got 6 Pearls left and most of the Diamond ya got a goody. Hope you can make sense of this and Thanks again for your reply Cheers.
  11. Could one of you learned chaps please explain to a mug like me, just what are they talking about, when refering to the "Six Pearls and the Cross on the Kings Crown, on English & Australian Coin 1930's ish era. Don't ask me which King he is , Old Bloke with Whiskers Cheers
  12. Thanks very much for the input. Can you suggest if this coin may be enhanced by the NCS Process and Grading and what would it cost ????
  13. Found this today {Where it should not have been} The NGC value chart recons it worth a bit. I really have no Idea of the Grading. Looks like a fairly good old coin to me , can still see the feathers on the Emu and the Kings Crown and top of his coat stand out allright. Could not see any M mint mark under the date. Could some there give me a rough clue as to what grade it might be. Thank you Cheers
  14. Thanks for the help fellas. Do you think it would be worth it to submit it to NSC and NGC for cleaning and grading. And any Idea what the whole process will end up costing ?? Cheers