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  1. Hi! I posted a few weeks ago about some coins I was getting ready to submit and a few people said they wanted to see them. Here are pictures of 2, one Beatrix Potter (UK) 2020 50p Silver Proof Peter Rabbit and a 2018 New Zealand Kiwi 1 oz Proof Coin. Of course I am hoping for high grades since I bought directly from Mint and have never opened the capsules. Any thoughts are appreciated and I have a lot more of the Peter Rabbit Series if interested (all silver) IMG_3198.jpg 118 KB
  2. Ok. Sure! Thanks. I try to buy graded. I mostly collect for my kids. Silver Eagles, America the Beautiful silver quarters for my daughter, presidential series for my son and then some kiwi, pandas and trying for 2 full sets of the Beatrix Potter Proofs most all I’ve purchased directly from Royal Mint. I’ll try to post a few later today. Thanks!
  3. Thanks so much. I’m just so nervous about this first submission, I don’t want to mess anything up. But that makes sense and yes, NGC has graded these so they are not an unknown entity for them. I appreciate your time.
  4. I am getting ready to send in coins for grading for the first time. I was told I did not need to send in the mint packaging and only the coins in capsules with a copy of COA. Does sending in the mint packaging help? I’m guessing I am looking at a lot of pf69-70 ratings and just want to do whatever I can to increase odds of pf70s. This are all modern silver proof coins (Beatrix Potter, New Zealand kiwi, etc, less than 10 yr old. Thanks in advance, sorry for newbie question.