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  1. EBay listing: 282794565358 Is it just me or is this a 37 D. Error?
  2. Maybe his 3 leg buff 1937 , 1909 vdb s just to name a few... Why else would be tell you not to send them out to be graded? No one and I mean no one has access to all this all day long. And if he did why isn't one thing graded?????
  3. EBay listing " 162818859112 " 1909 s vdb Your telling me This eBay seller oldcoins77 can't tell a real from a fake when he sells some of rarest coins all day long? He knows he's selling fakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Who has 300 1889 unc cc's? He has sold around 300 of them
  5. you honestly believe this guy has 300 1889 unc carson citys? He has sold them I've been watching this guy for a while. No one and I mean no one has 300 unc cc's. I will personally give whomever has " real " 300 1889 unc cc's 1000.00 usd cash!!!
  6. EBay seller " oldcoins77 ". No one in the world has what he has. And nothing is graded!!! Just look for yourself and read the listings...
  7. So I was on eBay and I see a seller by the name of " oldcoins77 ". All I can say is he has best of the best ×10. No way he has that many flawless, unc coins. How can people be fooled by this? Plus the listing " states you can't send it out of open for grading lol. Please tell me your thoughts...