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  1. Modern Commemorative Half Dollars, 1982-Date, Mint State Needs slot for 2020-S Basketball Hall of Fame Enhanced Unc Clad Half from Kids Set.
  2. Just curious, did they give you the proof "W" cent in the plastic bag with your proof set?
  3. I have been a member here for about ten years or so. I can remember when I first discovered the Collectors Society, it was great. I had a growing collection and could list all my coins in one place. There was (and still is) a really good inventory report which I used yearly with each set to check progress and changing values. Then, someone got the idea to ban PCGS, first from the world coins, then everything. If you had them already documented here, they could stay. Needless to say, this ruined any inventory reports since they could not be updated, same with the competitive sets and photos. Now they have ruined a wonderful part of the page, the journals. It was possible to check a profile, see their coins and sets, and sort of get to know other collectors by their stories and seeing and hearing about their new found treasures. Now there are no stories except a very few. There was quite a period of complaints but I saw no change. Too bad, this was once a very vibrant and interesting site. I have always had NGC, PCGS, other TPGs, and raw coins, I will always collect but remember when this was a lot more interesting place. Sad...