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Is the grass greener....

Admiral Mike-migration


When (if) you get to the other side??

I was going to ramble on about the member of this society who was recently suspended, and the several people who promote his coin trading sight, and that I was a founding member of that sight, only to leave because the founder is the "King of Censor" (in my humble opinion), but haven't we all had enough of that?? So... I wont say any of that... (snicker)

I got back my latest submission from NGC and I had TWO bodybags...aarrggh... both were quarters from the mid 1800's and they looked pretty sound to me. One of which I bought from my local coin shop. They were BB'd for "improper cleaning". I could not find any signs of the cleaning. I was wondering if they BB a coin for "Proper Cleaning" and then I remembered thats what NCS does... PROPER CLEANING... and THEN they can be slabbed. IF we spend the big bucks for the NCS cleaning they get slabbed... otherwise you are just out the 16 bucks for the priveledge of having your coin BB'd.

While I am on the pick... I sent in a morgan 1896-O and I knew it was a mid grade, but I wanted the variety attribution done, so I noted it on the order and added the requisite seven bucks. Got a little tag back, that because the VAM was not a top 100/HOT50 they would not list it on the holder... they did however KEEP the seven dollars I paid for the attribution. You would think that they would have at least TOLD me what the attribution was, but no, they didnt do that either.


The order wasn't completely screwed up... I paid for return registered mail. That was done correctly.


Ok... enough picking. I was at Sanders Coins in Ogden, Utah a couple of days ago. Going through the buffalo nickels, I needed a 1916 to fill the spot in my son's book. I happened across one and happily paid the 75 cents to fill that hole. When I got home and looked at the coin a little closer I see what appears to be a doubling in the "6" of 1916. Look at the bottom of the six, doesn't it look like there may very well have been a 2nd six, a doubling... wouldn't that be ultra cool if I bought a 1916 DDO for only 75 cents??




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