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NGC and error grading....



And I thought I had it...

Here I am...pretty confident about my submission...I know I have a dead ringer with the 1951 D/S FS-511 which, BTW, graded out as MS-62 RB, and pretty sure of all the other ones. NGC had other opinions. They were quick to tell me that my 1914 Dime had UNC details, and was improperly cleaned, but didn't recognize the die break on the reverse (probably 1/16-1/8 inch long). My 1946 D/D/D wasn't that, but it had it's own special little baggie with a sticker on IT, that read "Variety plus ... Strike Doubling only". My 1959 D cent came back as a MS-65, but didn't get recognized for the filled mint mark, and my 1963-D came back as MS 62, but didn't get recognized for the "O" in One Cent having extra metal in the top of the O.

After trying to calm down, I did call customer support, and inquire on why I spent an extra $75 to have coins graded normally, and not get the error recognition they deserve. I was told by the VERY kind and understanding lady "Sorry, but they weren't significant enough". A very polite way of saying "Shut up and color!

I do believe this is my last submission for anything, error or grading. I'm finding it to be less stressful to just go buy the slab off ebay. BTW, check it out to see these coins on there! lol Happy coin hunting!


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