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Unexpected PLEASANT find!



A coin show and a .15 Lincoln cent

Well, here I am getting ready to use my early bird coupon 5 months later, and I am in a toss up to go for high grade cents, or variety. I literally have a handful of coins that I am inspecting with my 60x and comparing the Lincoln cents against some already graded NGC MS64 and MS65. I remember someone telling me it's all in Lincoln's ear. Well, I see that some of these 1957-1963 are nice and shiny, but the ear is worn. Bummer. So out of the handful I was able to pick out about 8-9 that I could send in for high grade. After guestimating on a grade, I checked it against ebay, and saw some of the the same ones already graded in a HIGHER grade going for $40. Bummer again...would it be worth it or a waste. So, I grab my cherry pickers and go through some of the cents that I wasn't going to send, but were still a good looking older cent. I came across a 1951-D that I had bought at a coin show for .15 cents....found it in the cherry picker as 1951-D/S...and I got my 60x...sure enough! FS-511. And it was a 4 star ta boot! Mine would of been a better example than what was pictured in the book. So, it was decided...I am sending in variety...cost me a little, but I save on the process! Will let you know what it grades out! I'm guessing MS 64 or better!

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