A new journey.



It has a slow beginning.

Hi CS friends. I want to tell you about a new, but similar, journey that I have started. So far it has a slow beginning but it will pick up as, like Doug, I am getting close to completing my Lincoln set (Only 25 coins to go).

Like I said, this is a similar quest but one of much broader scope that so far only a few (18 individuals I think) are signed up for. This task was much inspired by Bob Baker, owner of the Robert Baker Trust sets of coins. As I have been getting to know and talking to Bob, his love of all of the 1 cent coins has rubbed off on me. Don't get me wrong, I have always wanted to collect them also but I have now taken the plunge.

That's right. I have created a set of all U.S. one cent coins from 1793-Date and am currently ranked number 4, in LARGE part due to my Lincoln 1959-Date set. However, I do have some Indian Cents and a couple of Large Date cents in the set. My first one, the 1817 is attached here for viewing.

My coins, starting out anyway, will never match the quality of Bob's coins, but, hey, everyone has to start somewhere. Maybe over time some of these will be upgraded. Right now, a lot of these coins in AU and better grades are just out of my budget.

Come along for the journey with me. I will be posting pictures from time to time, not for every coin, but enough to keep everyone updated on the progress. Like Bob, my goal here is to collect at least one coin of every year the one cent coin has been minted. I'll also be taking a stab at doing the same thing for the proofs but I think everyone knows the price tags associated with even some of the early Lincolns.

Anyway, I want to thank Bob for instilling in me the drive to pursue this collection. It is going to be a great ride!



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