Collecting my final reward for having a 2012 Best Presented Registry Set.



My thanks to NGC for the five Deluxe Photo Proofs!

On January 12, 2013, I received a Best Presented Set award for my US/Philippines One Centavo set. In addition to recognition in the registry and a nice wooden wall plaque, I also received a coupon for my choice of NGC Coin Imaging Services for five NGC certified coins. One can choose from either NGC Photo Vision Coin Imaging (http://www.ngccoin.com/imaging-services/photo-vision.aspx) or NGC PHOTO PROOF Coin Imaging (http://www.ngccoin.com/imaging-services/photo-proof.aspx). Photo Vision Coin Imaging is available for any NGC graded coin at a cost $15 per coin, whereas PHOTO PROOF Coin Imaging is limited to nearly all US coinage and select Canadian and British coinage at a cost of $65 per coin.

Fortunately, US/Philippine coinage from 1903--1945 falls into the set of coins eligible for PHOTO PROOF Imaging, so that was my choice. My coupon covered the substantial $325 imaging fee, but the cost of shipping and insurance for the round trip to NGC was on me. It took a while to decide if I wanted to foot the bill for shipping and insurance, and once past that decision, even longer to decide which coins to send. I finally narrowed it down to four coins and one medal that are distinctive in some way and are also most representative of my US/Philippines collection. My choices were:

- 1931-M One Centavo graded MS66RD (NGC population 1/0)

- 1938-M One Centavo graded MS65RB (Allen-3.02a - RPD variety and exceptional strike)

- 1945-D Ten Centavos, Doubled Die #1 graded MS63 (Allen-9.05b - NGC population 1/0)

- 1907-S Twenty Centavos graded MS64 (NGC population 4/0)

- 1920 Wilson / Manila Mint Opening Silver So-Called Dollar graded MS62.

All except the 1931-M were purchased raw and self submitted to NGC. Of the five pieces, the 1920 is probably the least worthy of being immortalized in a Photo Proof, but it is one of my personal favorites.

My coins arrived at NGC on July 22nd and were back in my hands on August 5th along with my five new Photo Proof brochures. I was expecting a longer turnaround time, but pleased that they came back so quickly.

The Photo Proof brochure is a laminated 8.5" x 11" bifold presentation piece and is impressive in both color and content. The brochure contains 7 pictures of the coin, a lengthy description of the entire US/Philippine series, and a detailed description of the specific coin. There is a picture of the front of the holder on the cover, and inside are large pictures of each side, a detail image from each side and an "actual size" photo of each side. The images are beautiful as you would expect, however the "actual size" photos seem slightly smaller than actual size. David Lange's descriptions are excellent and it's nice to have written opinions from a well respected numismatist and expert in this area about each of these coins. All five are good, but I am particularly pleased with the one for the 1938-M One Centavo. It provides written recognition of the ALLEN-3.02a variety even though NGC does not provide for this recognition on the holder label as a variety plus designation.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the Photo Proof brochures and the very quick turnaround, but at $65 each, I probably won't have any more done unless I win another registry award.

I leave you with a picture of the five Photo Proof brochures.


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