eBay bans the sale of ALL Cuban coins ...



... according to the COIN World front page article in the June 17, 2013 edition.

eBay had provided quite a vibrant marketplace for certified First Republic Cuban coinage and the vast majority of my Collectors Society registered coins were obtained there. Cuban coins minted between 1915 and 1961 inclusive are identified as being from the "First Republic," and the Collectors Society designates each Cuban registry set as such. These coins were all minted by the US Mint in the USA and are not embargoed by the US Government. eBay however, took it upon themselves to ban ALL Cuban coins on April 9, 2013, embargoed or not.

I hope eBay can cure their current case of anal-cranial-impaction before too long. Until they do though, there is a good opportunity for other auction sites to fill the void and make money on a market that eBay has chosen not to participate in.

The image below is the obverse of my 1934 ABC Peso. (It was obtained on Teletrade.)


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