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A mammoth deal ...



is coming to my set!

For about a year I tried to contact a fellow member about buying a couple of his coins. Well, all this time with no response, I was thinking "Man, this must be one busy person or perhaps they travel quite a bit". About a month ago I finally made contact with him. Turns out he had moved, changed jobs, and changed emails and had just gotten around to changing his email on CS. I didn't even consider -- ya know -- LIFE!

I sent him a message that I wanted to buy some of his coins, initially 18 of them. It now stands at 22. Yep, 22! A year or two ago, Luksic Collection renamed his set to selling all NGC coins. As another recently posted, persistence truly does pay off.

Before we went too far, the seller told me he had consigned a large group of coins and he wanted to verify that he still had the ones I wanted. OK done. So I sent him a prioritized list, with my offer prices. He accepted every one, for all 22 NGC Top Pop Lincoln Memorial Cents.

Beginning next month, I start payments on this mammoth deal, buying one or two coins usually over a two month period. You could say change is a comin' to my #5 set. If all goes as planned, I will hold the #3 spot in the Lincoln 1959-Date set by the end of the year and build a substantial lead over the following year.

I will reveal the coins as they come in and I create the presentations for them. These coins have been in his sets, some of them since he had them graded, for several years. From the pictures I have seen, they are all PQ. Thanks Luksic and everyone else who has helped make my set what it is and is to become.

The first one should arrive in early August. In another deal with yet another sell/buy partner, I will receive another NGC top pop Lincoln in September. More will follow.

Keep an eye out for maybe a few intermediate pick ups in the mean time. Of course, as boring as it is to see Lincoln after Lincoln in the journals, my pride in this set will keep them coming for all to see as the set grows.

Thanks for reading and view my set to see my most recent addition. I leave you with a recent picture of my NGC 1986 D MS69RD that still awaits a score adjustment.

Be well my comrades.



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