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Three Great Cent Collectors...



have helped me a lot in this Society.

I want to give a big thumbs up to these guys for not only helping me but also for their status among penny/cent collectors within our group.

First, the one I have known and worked with the longest, is Hunter's Gold. What is to be said here except what awesome Lincoln Memorial and Lincoln Shield sets, both number one here, and both in such a short amount of time. To boot, he is a veteran and is to be praised for his service to our country. Thanks for being a friend!

Hunter's Gold introduced me to dcg, currently the holder of the number 3 set in the Lincoln Memorial set with a quite impressive set of Wheat's to go along with it. Keep him in your thoughts as he is recovering from a recent hip replacement surgery. All the best and keep plugging away at your cents.

I made a post last week about my new presentation for my Presidential Dollar set. This man sent me a private message telling me that he really liked what I had done for that set. I studied on the wording of his message and thought I might be able to offer him some help with a presentation for his Lincoln Memorials, so I sent him a return message referring to that. Of course, still being in need of some coins for my set I looked at his currently number 9 set of Lincoln Memorials and was also thinking about acquiring a couple of his coins.

So, we started sending some messages back and forth. I've learned several great things about this man and his collecting efforts and wants. First, I was amazed that he has fulfilled his first quest when he started collecting. He has built THE #1 set of the complete cent mint state set, 1793 to Date and has in that set at least one of every year these coins have been minted. He also has all but one coin in his Lincoln Proof set (1909 S VDB) and I believe is #3 in that set. He is a veteran of our armed forces and deserves our respect and thanks.

We have reached an agreement that I will first provide a presentation for each coin in his complete Lincoln set (MS & PF) followed by presentations for his #1 cent set containing every penny minted. I would like to bring your attention to the Robert Baker Trust sets. Look him up and you will be amazed at what he has accomplished. In return for my efforts, we have agreed to a deal for two of his Lincoln Memorials for my set. They are a 1979 P in MS68RD with an NGC pop of 8 and a 1981 D MS67RD with an NGC pop of 6.

I hope to continue to do you all proud and am truly glad to call you all my friends. Good luck to you all with your sets.

I'll be talking about one other great new friend I have recently made and the tremendous deal we have next month.

To close out, here is a collage for my new 1979 P NGC MS68RD. You can view my 1981 D in my sets.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the photo. Best wishes to not only these friends but to everyone here at CS.



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