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Day is Done.....Gone the Sun....Three More Morgans bite the dust



They didn't have a chance. I could feel it the moment I laid eyes on these beauties at the local.....

coin shop. One at a time he removed them from the box...the first was bright, filling the shop with dancing circular spot of sunlight as I turned the 1881cc Morgan over in my hand, wow! what a gem I though. Then he said look at this...and handed me the 1904 S Silver Dollar...but for the ever so slight toning, it looked like it had just arrived from the mint. I mean it look beautiful!!! Richard smiled at me and said "you ready for one more?" I had to sit down first. It was an 1888 Morgan, not as spectacular as the other two but at least a 60. "Sold" I said, and ran to the car for my checkbook....I couldn't wait to get them into the hands of the experts at NGC...I was already dancing, celebrating my good forturne and then, then the doorbell rang. As I opened the door there stood a woman in uniform, a firm jaw, bright eyes and a look..... you know the look. My heart sank, there had been a death in the family! She handed me the box and stepped back from the door giving me a slight wave and sympathetic smile. She knew, the postal delivery people always seem to know. The time was now, the box was open and there between the cardboard slots of the shipping container where the remains of my three poor Morgans wrapped in a pink invoice that said loud and clear, your Morgans are dead. I was sick to my stomach. How could this be? Stunned and barely able to stand I fell into my recliner and reach for the telephone. "Richard," I said, "The Morgans had been Improperly Cleaned!!!! and now they were dead. "Richard, what should I do now" I asked. He said "Steve, bring the bodies down to the shop tomorrow and I'll give you your money back." Broke my heart and taught me an important lesson. "Don't Celebrate before the Morgan's come home!"



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