Goal Met!



For Now anyway.....

In the past two weeks I have achieved my personal goal of building a top five set of Lincoln (1959-date) Cents. This achievement was made possible, in the short term, by three individuals. I purchased a 1977 P MS67RD from fellow CS member Thane. I acquired my 1978 P MS67RD from Hunter's Gold. My 1986 P MS68RD and my 2012 D MS67RD both came via purchase from Mark DiLauro at datentype. Thank you all!

I began my set 7 years ago with the purchase of a 2005 P SMS MS69RD and with the help of many, many individuals it is what it is today. As I am sure most of us do, I over critique myself on the status of my set to the point of stupidity. Budget issues have always been an issue in buying my beloved Lincolns but I have always managed to buy most of the coins I want. Don't get me wrong, I've passed up my fair share.

Though not quite finished (only 78%) I am quite proud of what I have accomplished. This isn't the end either. There are more pristine Lincolns to be had. So I will continue working on my set to see where it takes me.

Here is a montage of the newest coins (minus the 1978 which hasn't arrived yet). Enjoy and thanks to all that have viewed my set!



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