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Wissahickon Collection


A Little Buying; A Little Selling; A Big Giveaway!

Today, unlike yesterday, I arrived at the train station with plenty of time to spare... and I remembered to pay for the parking. I moved to the edge of the platform as the train approached. The problem is, the train never stopped; it just sped through the station! So as yesterday, I took the second train.

Upon arrival at the show, I immediately found Mike Printz and introduced myself. We talked for awhile and I gave him 6 coins to put on my want list. Mike was good enough to arrange for an associate to go thru 3 boxes of my foreign coins and identify the keepers for me. Thanks, Roxanna! Two and a half boxes immediately went to the ANA Young Numismatist program. I am sure that they will be put to good use and provide more pleasure than they could possibly provide tucked away in a drawer in my possession.

After a fun conversation with the ANA reps, I sought out the Civil War Token Society Table. They evaluated my 4 tokens, and one that my sister-in-law gave me this past weekend. Neither of us could recall where we had acquired them. I received a brief history of CWT's, and the names of dealers who would be interested in purchasing this material. The first dealer made an offer, and I accepted. I trusted him; he was holding a baby while dealing coins! How could I not trust him?

I stopped to say goodbye to Mark Feld, as I won't be going back to the show, and introduced myself to Kathleen Duncan at Pinnacle, after years of phone conversations. Then I went to 4 or 5 tables to meet dealers that I had either dealt with or heard good things about. 2 were away from there tables scouting coins; 2 were with customers; and one refused to look up or acknowledge my presence as I stood directly in front of her for 2-3 minutes.

As I was heading out of the hall, a case of Peace Dollars caught my attention. I added the missing 1926 Peace Dollar to my collection from PQ Dollars. It is a nice MS-65, gold toned with obverse highlights of rose and blue: strong strike and nice satin luster.

With that, it was back to the train, and home by 5:00PM.

This has been a fun 2 days, but the show size can be a bit overwhelming, and tonight my legs are sore from 2 days of steady walking on concrete floors. I am going to sleep well, tonight!

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