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Wissahickon Collection


Barely put a dent in my TO DO List.

I got off to a shaky start. Made it to the train station platform about 5 minutes ahead of the train. With 2 minutes to arrival, I realized that I hadn't put money in the meter for parking! I dashed through the under track tunnel (the pay box is on the other side of the tracks, of course.), paid the machine just as the train arrived. Ran back under the tracks, and heard the train depart just as I was directly under it. Oh well, it's only a 30 minute wait.

Upon arrival, and check-in, I went straight to Mark Feld's table. What a great human being, as well as coin dealer! I've dealt with Mark for about 3 years, now, and we have never met. I brought 2 boxes of some of my better coins for Mark's review. He is extremely critical, which is what I wanted, and provided me with another perspective- really quite helpful and informative. Overall, my collection passed the test! This gave us time to calibrate our tastes in coins when Mark is searching for my collection. I then went through his inventory and indicated what I liked and didn't like re. his coins. Thanks for all the time and attention, Mark. Your insights were truly appreciated.

I then ventured over to Mike Prinz's table. Mike was on his cell phone, so I left with the intention of stopping back.

My next stop was the Whitman Booth to get their books on Peace Dollars, and Liberty Nickels; a $40 purchase. As soon as I paid, and turned to walk away, I spotted a side display with the Liberty Nickel book priced at $5! A quick, "Hey wait a minute!", and I exchanged the original copy for a "hurt" copy (their term) and accepted my $15 refund.

Off to the joint Barber/ LSCC Club table. Here ensued a spirited and fun 2 hour show and tell session with John Frost. I share/ he shares/ I share/ he shares... and so on. Thanks, John.

I looked at my watch, and it was a dash for the train. I didn't make it. After a 30 minute wait it was a standing room only, rush hour train ride... and it was worth it!

Tomorrow, I get to do it again.

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