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Collecting with Friends



WB, Wheaties and me :)

I barely ever post to the journal, not my thing to be put out here in the public forum like this but, something happened both these past few weeks and today that really made me feel as though I needed to.

I will start with the fact that as with most mornings I heard the familiar honk of my mail person at about ten AM to tell me I had to sign for a package. I went outside and did the normal deal and came inside to open my bounty. For the third time in about a month, a fellow collector I had met at a trading site we both belonged to had sent me yet another GORGEOUS wheat penny (slabbed by NGC) for my Collector's Society Registry. We will call this person WB, but I can say that I was just astounded at how amazingly nice this person has been, regardless of how let down he's felt about certain aspects of this hobby, and professionals that have dealt with his beloved coins lately.

I am a new, young and admittedly naive collector and this person has patiently helped me, guided me, taken his time to receive coins I needed help looking over (taken his personal time looking them over) and just made aspects of this hobby so much clearer to me. How lucky am I to have run across someone like this? It just made me think today that while having this registry and striving to get all these points, and perfect coins, and high grades into my registry is all fine and dandy....the most satisfying aspect of this hobby has been people like WB (and let me say there are many) who have been so wonderful in sharing their knowledge and time to make this experience more enjoyable for me.

So while WB is very disenchanted with aspects of NGC right now, I truly hope he'll take some gratification in knowing he's not only gained a fellow numismatist with a newfound respect for wheaties (I really dreaded going through them before) but, I also look forward to the day when I have enough knowledge to do the same for another. With the slabs and registries and all that aside, I'm thinking that may be a bigger upside to this hobby in the long run anyway!!

Thanks WB...you certainly know who you are :)!!!



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