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lol if they want the copy they can have it(ill buy another).

i love this place, ty for the post of the 1964 d, i enjoyed reading it. im not 1 to be scared by the gov over a dollar. this coin is a copy & states it.

i would not be scared to own the accual coin because being 26 i couldnt be the 1 that took coin.it is very sad that they would even make a coin that would not make it to the publics hands.

now a lil swich up...about spot prices,what do people think about the jump in gold and the small climb of silver.my mother says that could be a bad thing on economy. 17$ jump in 1 night. or an 8% climb in 24 hours is odd dont you think.

back to 1964. i wish that some1 would come forward and take the punishment just for the sake of coinage.the thaught of a 1964 d(real coin not copy) out there but not seen is horable.just seeing the coin would make my day(a coin).how bad can theft of a dollar be:)

1964 d bac



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