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A lot of thought has gone into your decision....

Admiral Mike-migration


But... please reconsider.

While I direct this response to William, we have all been there and have experienced the pain.

Lord knows I have done more than my fair share of complaining about services provided at NGC. Just check my Journal Entries and you'll see I have been a thorn in their side more than once.

Not too long ago, I was so fed up with my perceptions of non-service that I decided to have a little fun. I had a contest posted here on the CS board, to guess how long it would take NGC to grade my coins. Lots of people responded, sharing some of their grading nightmares and overall we all had a little fun at the expense of NGC. well, I guess it was my "expense" as I paid for the service, but it was fun nonetheless.

So I guess you are wondering the point of all this rambling... at this point in time, there is only one other "Registry" society, and they are VERY exclusive as to what slabs you can enter...knowwhatimean?? Coin grading is the only service industry I know of where we the customer pay a company to abuse us. Funny thing is... afterwards, what do we do, we pay them again. We are at the whim of the company we chose to grade our coins. We know that going into this thing.

Grading, as you know is subjective, wether it be by your buddy next door, or by NGC. We just like having a nice slab and the thought that the grade assigned may actually be close to the reality of life.

All this aside...we as collectors enjoy seeing the coins our bretheran (no sexism implied.. just dont think sisteran is a real word) have a accquired. We all enjoy reading the journey each coin has taken to be received in the set it now resides.

We hate to see a collector leave, especially on a sour note. I guess death is an acceptable reason, but very few of us are ready to volunteer for that particular method. Please, William, reconsider. Knowing you have to take the bad along with the good, you already know the bad... dealing with beauocracy, the good is sharing all those stories and coins with others who will appreciate the journeys taken.

The coin pictured is my latest addition to the registry. There is a very bright side to buying coins already graded by NGC/PCGS... somebody else had to deal with them when that coin was graded... You get to purchase the final product without the hassels. Thinkaboutit !!

2005s Sac



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