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The Wild, Wild West Returns (Part 2)

Iowa Silver Baron Bammer


2 Gold Dollars

This is my next installment on my Wild, Wild West Signature Set. I have a little more explaining to do on what is included and why.

First, I consider (for the purpose of this set) that the West includes all states west of the Mississippi. When the Union Pacific was starting to be built, there was a quote I read that sums up why I'm including everything west of the river. In Don Ball's Book "The Colorful Railroads" he included a quote, and now I forget from whom, that went "...Nebraska Territory was on the rough edge of the frontier!" I know in Minnesota and Iowa, there were Indian uprisings in the 1850's and 1860's, I would consider that to be an extremely "rough edge of the frontier".

As I said in Part 1, I tried to watch the coin prices (under $200 per coin) so I could the most coins. But I still couldn't include everything, as I would have loved to include the Old Spanish Trail Commemorative, but it starts at around $1300 in EF-40. And I sure wish I could include it, because I feel it fits into this set very well.

I've also noticed another trend, as I was looking at coin prices and what to include. I noticed that lower denomination silver coins (dime, quarter and half) were well above my price limits. But what's funny to me, the 1881 Morgan Dollars are reasonably priced (except maybe for the CC version).

Even the 1881 Gold Dollar is going to be included in this set as it runs around $175 in VF-20. So I'm going to use it and the 1862 Indian Head gold dollars.

I hope you're all enjoying my trials, tribulations and studies on this set. I'd sure appreciate some feedback if at all possible.

I want to include more journal entries on my set, but I hope I'm not boring everyone.




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