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Wild, Wild West Signature Set and More On Turnaround Time

Iowa Silver Baron Bammer


Should I put in some gold?????

I'm impaled on the horns of a dilemma!!! I deleted my Wild, Wild West Signature Set, I was unhappy with the way I had set it up. I felt I could have a more logical order to the way I added the coins. So for the few of you who looked at it, it will be back.

But for my dilemma, should I put in any gold????? I've got to admit, right now most of the gold coins (especially from the years I want to include in my signature set) are pretty much out of my price range! I've tried to keep a limit of $200 or less on any coin I buy. (Yes I'm more or less income challenged. :-) ) I've noticed even some of the older silver commemoratives are pushing the $200 limit, if not being more than the limit. And my problem with the commems are, a few of them would really fit into the theme of my set. For example, the California Diamond Jubilee half would fit in extremely well, as on the obverse it shows a gold miner. But in Coins magazine, it lists for $180 in AU-50.

I'd love to put in a Double Eagle from one of the years I've chosen to include in the set (1862, 1865, 1869, 1876 and 1881). But the 1881 Double Eagle is very expensive (at least for me) and the 1881S is about $600 in AU-50.

Also, I'm including a pic of a new purchase, I bought a Sac satin finish dollar from Heritage, planning on using it in my signature set. I'm pleased with the coin, and especially the price of it too. What do you all think of the pic??

So I guess I'm trying to take an informal survey from other members. What do you think I should do?

Also a report today about the coins my brother and I sent in to ANACS. We finally received them back yesterday (3/11). They say 4 of the 6 were cleaned. While that doesn't really bother me, as I totally dislike more than light toning on any coin, it seems to me that with 4 of 6 being cleaned, why did it take so long to grade the other 2??? It was exactly 2 calendar months from the date ANACS received them to the date I received them back. So the point is, I'm going to stick with NGC, especially if they keep up the good work as I noted in an earlier entry.




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