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Number one is great but number 3, 4 or 8 is better.



I am number one but my rank means more as 3 or 4

I too am a novice collector and new to this ranking system. I have been collecting coins for 10 years now and specialize in the off suit US series of Philippine coins. I find my sets ranked 3 and 4 in the series more fruitful than the chase for number one. In my series some coins are almost non existant in raw and slabbed slabbable availability. Granted they do exist, but at what cost or what trade. My coins include many NCS coins not included because of NCS grade. The find and selecting of coins is the fun of the hobby. I too did win #1 in one set for last year, but without an entry... a set for my daughter to start, the 1/10 panda coins.

My hat is off to Ken for the #1 ranked coins and for those with better sets than me, however some of my coins rank with theirs or above. They like myself find the hunt and find of a unc coin always a true find. If you want a set to build from scratch you can always appreciate in a "inexpensive" manner give it a chance. The basic set is in the redbook and prices still reasonable.

Also in this series some coins have no points... look at my 1917/6 1 centavo or 1913 S/S coin.

Good luck to all and collect for the fun and enjoyment of the hobby.




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