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Wayne C's Journal

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Local Dealer a real good guy

Wayne C


What does he have for me today....

Anticipation.....as I walk through the coin shop doors...I think to myself, what does he have for me today? I approach the counter, one at which I have visited many times over the past 15 years and drooled over beautiful old U.S coins. I greet him, ask how things are and he replies, "just fine". He leaves for a second to go to his little office and returns with a box of stuff for me to look through. First eyes to see it. Today, oh boy, a nice PCGS 1888-O MS64 DMPL. What a beauty. My hands shake at seeing and holding this gem. This one, I think to myself, is going home with me. It's as if I am talking to a living breathing thing. I put the coin aside on the counter and tell him, I will take it. I pull out the next coin, a raw 1883 CC. Wow, look at the cheek on this one. I quickly recall my other CC dollars at home trying to guess the grade of this one in my hand. Easily an MS64 and maybe MS65. I am careful not to bang with the other coins. I put this aside too. Thrilled to death that I have to beauties that will have a new home. The third coin is an 1889 S Redfield MS62 NGC. I have been searching and looking on-line and seeing these Redfields so close but so far away...I am batting 1000 for the day. The third coin goes in my keep pile. I look through the other coins....some nice ones but my budget can only take so much strain. I thank him for letting me see the coins first and giving me first shot at buying them before anyone else. I offer to buy coffee, he agrees. He locks up the shop and we walk over to the coffee shop and I buy us a coffee and we ka-bitz some more about 'stuff' and them head back to the shop. He puts my new treasures aside so I can gather my funds. I tell him I will bring the money in next week. No problem he says....and as I head home my mind goes back to the coins I just acquired...man do I love going to the coin shop and the thought of, What does he have for me today.... (I can't wait until tomorrow to go back) - I'll ask to look at the coins again......



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