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Wayne C's Journal

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Coin bag/bankers bag

Wayne C


Lady who has her fathers old silver dollars in a bankers zip type bag......

I met a man in Taylor City NH, just outside of Province Lake - also known as ParsonField. I was in his little general store buying a soda and a candy bar. The owner, he was in his late 70s then, was ringing up my purchase when I noticed a coinage magazine on the shelf behind him. I struck up a conversation about coins with him and at age 70 he was sharp as a tack. He said, you won't find any 32 s quarters around here or any buffalo nickels. I look through all the change and take whatever I find. He did mention that it was a long time since he pulled out any silver coins in his change. I told him I was looking for some Morgan Silver dollars. He said that he no longer has any but knew of a lady 'down the road' who has some of her father's old sivler dollars. Well, my heart started to race as he got her name and phone number for me. I thanked him and my wife and I headed back to her moms house. I was not sure if I should call or not but wife convinced me to do so. So I called and a woman answered and I told her who I was and how I got her name and number and told her why I was calling. She listened and then told me she still has the coins from her father. I was shaking in my boots. Now, let me set the stage for you. I was a green thumb at this time and had no idea what I was looking for...all I knew was I was going to go buy some old silver dollars. She gave me directions and off we went. We headed towards North Conway N.H. Found the first road off of Rte 153. Took a left and headed into the woods. I was thinking about turing around because I was so unsure of what I was doing but my wifed talked me into driving a little more. Well, we found the house and we pulled in and walked up to the door. A woman answered the door and welcomed us in. She introduced me and my wife to her husband and she left the room to go get the coins. We sat at the table and made small talk and before long she came out with a blue bag with a very heavy duty zipper across the top. She unzipped it and out fell about 30 or so Morgan/Peace Silver dollars. I was sweating at this point and forgot to take in some oxygen. I started with the first coin in front of me....1878 S - some wear but nice and original. I looked through the pile and pulled some of the nicer ones aside and asked her how much she wanted for each one. She said, "I guess, 8 dollars each." Well, Mr.Greenthumb, did not know what to do, so I went through the pile again. I'll end the suspense right here, I did not find a 93 S or an 89 CC or any key date but I did find the experience of scouting out an unkwown treasure and feeling the excitement of looking at some old silver coins that some old gentleman thought well enough to put aside for a rainy day. Anyway, I did boy about 15 coins that day. Thanked her for her time and I was still nervous and jittery as I left the house. My wife has no clue why I got that way but then again, she does not understand the alluring thought of finding that treasure that has long been hidden away in someones house or in someones dressor.

This is one of my favorite memories of treasuring hunting Morgan Silver Dollars. Since that day I have not had the pleasure of tracking down another hoard...but, I do still love going to my local coin shop and seeing what has come in. - Thanks for reading my story - Wayne



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