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MS/PR 70 - Perfect Blemishes



Would you pay top dollar for a diamond with a flaw/inclusion that is incorrectly labeled as a D flawless?

I doubt if there are very many coin collectors who would pay top dollar for a D flawless diamond that they, themselves, can see an inclusion with a 5x loupe. So why would such a person turn around and pay top dollar for a flawed coin that is labeled flawless - as in MS or PR 70?

I, too, decided I wanted to own some "flawless" coins in the form of mint and proof state quarter sets.

From Funk & Wagnalls Standard College Dictionary, 1977 edition: "Flawless: Devoid of flaws; absolutely perfect."

But I simply could not reconcile slight nicks, pits, dings and spots with the definition of "flawless," so following the "buy the coin, not the slab," I returned every single MS70/PR70 coin or set in which I could detect, with a 5x loupe, any nick, pit,ding or spot. After many fruitless attempts and swallowing the shipping and insurance costs to return, I gave it up - I do not own, and probably never will own, any coin or set graded MS or PR 70.

I dare say that 99 out of a 100 such graded coins/sets are, in reality, high-quality MS/PR 69 coins. But being of higher quality does not make that coin a flawless coin.

Just my opinion.



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