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Ramblings From A Returning Novice? Collector

Iowa Silver Baron Bammer


Why and what I collect, and likes and dislikes

Hi Everyone,

I'm a 52yo returning collector who collected as a student in junior high and high school. Isn't it funny(?) or maybe amazing how first interests are sometimes the best?

Since I've returned to collecting, I must admit what I like to collect is more specifically defined. I still love Morgan Dollars, if I could only collect one set of coins, the Morgans would be it. But what I've noticed the most about what I collect is tying the coins that I buy with a common theme. For instance, I worked as a pressman in the printing industry for a day short of 19 years, so Franklin halves are a favorite, as is some currency.

Also, if any of you have looked at my Signature set (Brian's Wild, Wild West) I also like the coins with a western theme (some of the state quarters, the new nickels, and type coins from the era). This brings me to my first dislike (but maybe dislike is too harsh), I sure wish I could add currency and stamps to the signature set. Probably all of us can think of at least a couple of pieces of currency that would fit right in. Can anyone post their guess(es)?????

I guess this a good place to put in my first LIKE, I love how we can use either NGS or PCGS coins in the registry. My Franklin registry set is a FBL set, and I've noticed on other websites, somtimes I can only find one or the other grading service for the coins I still need for my set. And here's another petty dislike, I sure wish the holders were the same height, as I see the NGC ones are a little taller. But that's a minor thing, as I have to be honest and say whem my PCGS collector's club membership is up, I think I'll go with NGC for my grading. (One of the big reasons is PCGS jacked up the rates and the minimum number of submissions at a time.)

Well, I think this is enough rambling for one night. I would definitely be interested in hearing from other collectors about their interests, especially if you like the west and Morgans etc.



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