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RE: I Finally Found A Icelandic 1925 2 Kronur



What A Disappointment But All Good Things Comes To Those Who Wait

About two weeks ago I received my auction lot I won on August 15th which had a 1925 2 Kronur in it, Which looked really nice and I thought it would grade an AU but when I held the coin in hand it looked horrible to say the least. I guess the auction house must have used some kind of scanner that left a lot of the detail out of the surface of the coin that made it look so much better then it was,,,I was really amazed at the difference. So I contact the auction house in Denmark and told them I was not happy at all with the coins and they told me to mail them back for a refund. So in the long run I lost about $50 bucks with the registered mailing back and forth.

Well A few days after the 08/15th Danish auction I get a email from the Icelandic Numismatic Club in Reykjavik, Iceland with a list of coins and metals they have in the September monthly auction and was surprised to see that the 2nd coin on the list was a 1925 2 Kronur coin in 01 condition which means that the coin could be anything from EX-Fine to AU, So I contacted my friend in Iceland that's a member of the club and asked if he has seen this coin yet and he told me that he will be going to see the coins in two weeks or when they will be on display. When he got back to me after the veiwing he told me that this coin has nearly full mint luster and the only better one he has ever seen was in the National Collection, which is UNC. Well I got all excited to hear this and told him to get this coin for me at all cost and he told me,, Just leave it to me. Well he got back to me about the coin and how he got it was rather slick on his part, He circulated a story about how he was representing a buyer in the U.S and told people that he was authorized to bid up to $450 dollars and low and behold I won the coin at the opening bid of $68 Bucks, Boy am I a happy camper because of a great friend in Iceland. The 1925 2 Kronur was the first one to come up in auction in Iceland for at least 7 years, whether one has come up before that, I don't know, but I do know that this coin is very rare in EX-fine and up condition with only a few, 3 to 5 known in UNC.

Here is a picture of my new addition to my collection of Icelandic Kingdom Era Coins


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