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Metals are still just a commodity

As much as I like the gold and silver standard that this country was founded on vs. the fiat system we have today, copper, mickle, silver, gold, platinum, rhodium, and paladium metals are still a commodity. Today feels like 1976-1979 all over again, with a government that just raised the debt ceiling to over $14 trillion dollars to cover the President's deficit laiden budget gift to Congress. (I'm not angry, I vote!)

Proof...We've gone through the housing bubble, then the bank bubble with the gasoline bubble, now starting the government bubble because other countries are looking to raise interest rates against a dollar that has been flooded into the global market. What's next... gold bubble when everyone tries to cash in at historical highs and to pay off increasing bills/debts because of inflationary pressures...

Silver hording in the 60's is still a great reminder to be careful playing with metal commodities.

On another subject... global warming will be followed by global cooling because of the second law of thermodynaics forcing people to buy jackets, logs, and matches to stay warm...I'm investing in parasite free forested lumber, sulfur/potassium/carbon, rough stuff you scratch matches on, and waterproof naugahide skinned fleeces, ;)... I could be wrong...



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