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Not All Bad and A Lot of Work



Madison, WI area had good issues.. NGC will certify

I left work at 5:15 pm (2/15/07) to go hunt for a few $1 G.W.'s. The first bank I went to indicated they didn't have the coin, however, a local bank with a vault for sure had them. It was about 5:47 p.m. and the other bank was going to close at 6 pm. Rushing out of the bank, I hastily, and legally, made my way over to the other bank. Realizing I had no cash or direct account access, ran into the ATM, got cash, got back into the car. The teller's light was still green, screamming "OPEN". Ahhh ha! I get up to the front window and ask for a mix of P and D G.W.s. Of course, forgot they had Denver's only. I got about $20 worth.

I go home and start looking and catching up on e-mail. 'Submit by 2/16/07 for First Day Issue' Holy Crapballs, I'm going to be close. I find the best 5 examples (probably MS 64-66) without face nicks/bag marks, fill out NGC form through the registry (10% discounts always appreciated!), and make a run for the Post Office after flipping each coin. It's after 7 pm at this point and I'm screwed, so I think....

I call up NGC and leave a nice message before going to the Post Office. I get to the post office and the last pickup is 7 pm for express mail. I go through with the packaging and ring the night door to see what I can do. The nicest Postal Worker, comes out with the Express Delivery person and a postmark stamper (2/15/07), We fill out the paperwork, stamp the envelope across the seal with 2/15/07 Madison, WI, and I get the recipt back with an additional postmark.

I then scanned in and faxed the receipt with tracking number, NGC paperwork, and cover to NGC indicating my dilema in not being able to meet the delivery requirements. This occurs at about 11:59 pm EST +/-.

I call back the next day to NGC to confirm everything and got a 'Nice Job' out of the deal. NGC will certify the coin as First Day Issue, and I've done everything to prove that it meets that requirement. It can be done, just make sure you document everything correctly.

Now, for edge stamping, the US Mint has got a few lessons to learn yet. The 'mushyness' of the coin material with edge stamping is going to drive all of us collectors nuts. Why can't we get a more resilient material like the old Deutsche Marks or English Pound coins to help make the lettering sharp and clear?!?!?!?



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