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In Rare Form This Week...



Some days I just don't do anything right...

Some days I wonder how I keep track of my own head.

Last week I was thinking all week about this auction for a coin that I wanted that was looking like it would go for a good price. The day of the auction (Saturday) I was feeling bad and I completely forgot about it until 90 minutes after it ended. I just wanted to smack myself for the stupidity of it. No, I don't use automatic bidding programs like "bidnapper." It just doesn't sit well with me to allow a blithering piece of software to make bids on my behalf. I don't care how it's set-up, the potential for that to go badly boggles the mind. So that's how this week started on the coin collecting side of things.

My 2003 kookaburra did arrive in the mail that same day though. When I went to enter it in the cert# didn't work in my Kookaburra set (even though the cert# was valid and in the NGC database. The ever-diligent NGC team fixed the problem Monday afternoon (which I consider to be a phenomenal response given that it's a relatively minor issue). The coin is in the competitive set, though I think I forgot to enter it into my signature set (der!) so I'm going to have to take care of that before I give myself another chance to forget.

Though, the thing that has me feeling classically stupid though is what I found today. I logged into the forums for the first time in maybe 3 weeks. There were three messages waiting for me that were all 1 to 2 weeks old. 2 were offers to sell me a good coin for my signature set that I'm sure has been sold to someone else by now, and one was a question about a set from a buddy. This really bugged me, and not because I missed out on the coin. Even when I'm not interested in an offer I respond to it because I don't want the other person (many of whom I deal with more than once on multiple coins) to feel like their being snubbed. I feel like things like that just make me look like a jerk, especially when they took time out to contact me instead of just posting about it in the marketplace or putting the coin on eBay. And on the other front? I just don't think it should take a week for someone to hear back from me.

Graduation is in 11 days now. I'll be continuing with my current job as I finish out the application process and try to transition to Grad School. I have to say that I just never really anticipated the sense of apathy that has just overtaken everything and everyone in my class. It's not just about Senioritis. It's like we're all just waiting for it to be over. Most of us don't even care about commencement. We're just going for our families. It just seems like an odd way to finish and receive an honor you've been working 4 or 5 years for. I'm no different. This feels like limbo, more akin to torture than a "victory lap." It isn't the work or being here that bothers me. It's the sense of feeling stuck. We all know that we're going to graduate, almost nothing can stop that now, but we can't move on until it's done.

Wow; I'm really getting negative. I wish it would warm up; Texas just isn't supposed to be this cold.


I'm attaching a picture I found online a while ago with the seemingly contradictory title of "Useless Pennies." It seems that someone found something to do with them.




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