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Trying to Finish with Something



Trying to go out with a bit of a bang.

It just kind of hit me today that I hadn't bought a coin or really even gone looking for anything in over a month. My last purchase was on October 26th and after that I just barely had time to think about coin collecting. I had some work to get done and that doesn't really bother me, but it would bother me to let this collecting year (which I see as beginning and ending on December 10th) end without me making some kind of final purchase or final collecting effort.

Sometimes, taking a small step forward is also a way of reaffirming a decision and recommitting yourself to the task.

So, today I decided it would be nice to pick up something for my signature set. It couldn't be anything major so I wasn't looking to hunt down one of the kiwis I still need or a Panda. I did find out though that a seller I've dealt with many times before had recently listed a number of newly-graded Australian Kookaburras from years that I don't often find available pre-graded from US sellers, mostly from the first part of this decade. Seeing this, and feeling that the price was reasonable, I decided to pick up one of them, a 2003. I would have liked to have bought the other 3 dates I was seeing but I didn't want to go nuts. There's a reason I haven't bought anything in over a month and I need to remember that. In 3 or 4 weeks if the other dates are still available I'll be able to know better if I can get away with those purchases.

With any luck, that coin will arrive in the next week and I'll be able to enter it in before we hit the deadline. I've said before that there's a lot more that I wish I could have done this year, but sometimes you have to settle for what you can actually accomplish. I'll settle for getting my B.S. in 20 more days.




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