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In response to Sarah's Coins

Admiral Mike-migration


Perhaps some common sense or cents!

Lawsuits have been filed against Ebay and motions for restraining orders and injunctions and all the legalese because as much as Ebay would like to create a monopoly (which is in fact what they were trying to do) and control (or limit) the sale of certain slabs, monopolies are illegal (except government monopolies like the US Mint and the US Postal Service). SO they try to cut their losses (common sense) until such time as they are big enough, like the government, to do what they want unimpeded.

In the mean time, I am one of those sellers that only show a small portion of the slab. I usually only photograph the coin and the slab indentification. I currently have several coins listed on ebay (Lilchpin) with only a picture of the coin and the slab identifier. But then again... look at my return policy. 100% no questions asked money back return policy.. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell that if you are not happy with a purchase from me, you simply return it, money back, no fuss, no muss. Period. Maybe somebody at Ebay is using common CENTS this time. Everybody is happy, seller (me), buyer (you) and Ebay (and Paypal, owned by Ebay) gets their cut too.

A win, win, win situation. It won't do much good to cry about Ebay letting those auctions stand.

This is one of the actual pictures of a coin slab I have posted on Ebay at this very moment. If you look at Ebay stats, you would see that I have higher positive feedback than alot of companies. Again, one just needs to use common sense.

Michael Cooper




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