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Cleaning coins

Its been a while since my last boring journal about Icelandic coins. This time its about the cleaning of coins. First NCS does not clean coins. That is a term that was used by people years back to describe coins that has been cleaned in someway that is dedectable at first glance.

I have been around coins for over fourty years and I have seen some beautiful coins in my time. Many years back before cleaning became a issue a number of dealers I new all told me that 90% of the silver coins saved in the collections 30 to 40 years ago was dipped at one time or another, But was done in a non-detectable manner by people who knew how to. Think about it they were storard in wooden cabnets,sulfur type paper,etc etc. Do you think that a morgun dollar or any other silver coin can possible go for over hundred twenty five years without toning just a little bit or without spots, no I dont think so. I would bet my collection that all of us has a dipped coin in a slab from one of the top four graders.

Their is nothing wrong with people getting coins conserved when it needs it, at least the coin is being conserved correctly and not by some shaddy person in a basement. NCS had the B**l's to bring this wonderful service to us knowing that many people will attack them saying that they clean coins comparing them with the basement coin cleaners of the past.

If I'm not mistaken one or more of the people that started NGC was a partner or worked for pcgs years ago. maybe that is why pcgs will give your coin in a NGC holder a bum sticker so to say.

Im sure some of you will disagree with me but I dont care I know what I know and thats what really matters.



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