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The Peroid of Low (and High) Activity



... will continue...

Wheew... June was a crazy month. Much like Neverman I was involved a summer course over the last month. I think I eeked out a low A but I'll know later.

In the last month what money I've felt like spending on non-necessities has gone into a few non-coin related projects. I finally made something happen that I've wanted to do for over 2 years, but it cost over $400 to do it. Now, looking forward, I don't think I'm going to have too much of a coin budget between now and the end of the year.

My student research job, which I've been in for a year, is going to end in late August. I don't know if the department will want to keep me on after that or not. I'm going to be cutting back on my "fun" spending and starting to build up my cash reserves, just in case I'm out of a job in September. If the job does end in August, I'm probably not going to look for other part-time work. Next semester should be my last and I should graduate in mid-December. I've reached the point that I need to start looking for full-time employment as a Engineer, rather than another part-time student job. My life is really going to change in the next 6 months. It's always funny to reach this point. We spend years trying to get out, but many college students get to the point of being "done" and a certain fear sets in. A fear of actually going out and joining the rest of the world. School's over.

I shouldn't need to sell anything, I just can't buy much anymore. Once I get through the coming chaos my collection is still going to be there for me to pick up where I left off. Heck, once I start earning a real income I might be able to do a bit more with an improved budget... I can dream, right?

Not much to do really other than to hope and pray that I come through this and find myself in 2010 with 2 feet once again firmly on solid ground.



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