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I'm still here



Keeping on. Mostly window shopping...

I've been keeping busy with class and work. I also haven't had much to report on. I've been making a smaller number of bigger purchases lately. Individually, they aren't going to be all that fun to talk about or hear about. There's a chance that I'll have some bragging rights by December but we'll see.

Thursday I was in the final part of a 250 mile round trip when my car got hit by road debris off a truck. Bye, bye ball joints. Hello repair bill and getting to deal with the insurance company!

I've been doing a fair bit of "window shopping" lately. I try to stay faithful to my primary projects but every once in a while I get a severe case of "roaming eyes." I start looking at anything and everything coin related for a few days. I'll usually strongly consider a purchase or two but I almost never buy anything. I can be rather particular about what I like, but what I like tends to not be cheap enough to be an impulse buy. At that point it becomes a choice between some random purchase and something I know I really want for a long-term goal. The random purchases tend to always lose those fights. Still, I enjoy looking.

While I'm looking, I continue to contemplate what's worth going after and what projects I do want to prioritize. A few of the things I'm working on sometimes feel like using rocks against a freight train, but I don't think I'm that much of a lost cause yet.



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