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554 & other ramblings...



After spending about a month teetering in the high 500's...

I've landed a rather secure spot in the rankings at 554 as of today. It has taken the month of June to reach where I currently stand. Details of some of the newcomers are listed below.

First, this week I sent in 3-sets of the Clad Proof Mint Set (minus the quarters and Presidential dollars) for grading. We'll see how this works out. I'm hoping and praying I get at least one 70 for each coin submitted (Lincolns to Sac). I'll keep you posted.

Second, my beloved Lincolns. I am still sitting in the #12 slot but have moved within 530 points of taking the #10 position. I've recently added a 1991P MS68, upgraded my 1998P "wide AM" coin, and added some coins to the 2006 and 2008 slots. I'll claim #10 soon (I think).

Other changes:

1. My 1947 Mint set has slipped back to #2 after all the recent adjustments to the Roosevelts.

2. My Proof State Quarters are now at 60% complete and rapidly rising in the ranks.

3. My Jefferson Proofs are currently ranked #15 after quite a few additions.

4. My Roosevelt Proof set has moved up to #49 with numerous additions to that set.

5. My Sacagawea Proof set is also on the move with additions this week. I have bids out on both the 2000 and 2003 and am watching the 2007. I still have the 2001 and 2009 (waiting on submission results for this one).

6. SAE set - added the 1986 and 2009 to this set.

7. I now have completed both the full and silver sets of the 2008 Proof set and joined the #1 rank.

8. Other Proof set info - 2000, 6 coins left (58%); 2000 silver, 2 coins left (80%) - 2005, 3 coins left (83%) - 2006, 3 coins left (82%) - 2007, 2 coins left (90%)

9. I added a South Africa Proof 1/2 penny set which was the first in the registry and is currenly #1.

A lot of things have happend and more is on the way.

Thanks for reading and Happy 4th!





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