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Two Sides to Every Coin...

Admiral Mike-migration


Not All is Tinsel in Tele-Trade Town

I too have had dealings with Tele-Trade. Perhaps enough time has gone by to give them another chance, but not enough to forget. Tele-Trade charges, what, 15% commission with a minimum $9.00 per coin, then they tack on some pretty hefty shipping and insurance charges, so you can imagine my surprise when two back-to-back shipments were shipped with insuffiecient postage, thus they arrived "POSTAGE DUE". I had to go to the post office and pay TT's delelict charges to get what was rightfully mine, and already paid for.

The first time it happened TT said... "oh were sorry, it was just an oversight" and seeings how it was only a couple of dollars short, they did not see the need to make recompense, nor did they offer to. Fool me once, shame on you....

A couple of weeks later, when I won another auction...same thing. Two bucks short on the postage. I had to make up the difference. I call and complained again... I mean afterall, don't we pay enough money to these places for shipping and handleing and insurance?? Fool me twice... darn.

So I promptly told them what I thought they were full of, and what their second apology was worth (which by the way was worth exactly the same as the first). I am afraid I cannot offer great testimony to the service of Tele-Trade.

It is a matter of record, they have the info on file. They could, at any time make amends, but they choose not too. I am glad other people have had a great experience, but perhaps it is only because they have spent mid 5 digit money there, and TT knows what side their bread is buttered on.

I had only spend a couple hundred bucks, so they didn't mind raking me over the coals.

Michael Cooper



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