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Coin collecting by the numbers...



The craziest logic for selecting a coin/series ever!

Well, I was looking for a nice coin to pick up to celebrate the end of the year and I got to thinking... I'm working on my 1st degree (my B.S.), I just finished my 8th semester and based on the grades I was expecting I thought I'd have a cumulative GPA of 3.75... and from this, I decided it would be cool to get a gold coin from 1875. Yeah... I'm sure that's perfectly resonable logic, right?

Well, I went looking but quickly ran into a problem. I wanted a graded coin because I didn't want to deal with any high probability of it being fake, cleaned, or dipped. Decent looking MS gold coins from the US tend to trade at several multiples of melt. I did find this one coin though, just not American. It was an 1875 10 Gulden gold coin graded MS66. The coin was struck during the reign of Wilhelm (William) III and I'm a William. The coin traded at under 2x melt and it just looked like it would be fun to collect. When I looked into it a bit more and realized that these coins were only issued under this monarch for 10 years (with 1 major overdate variety) these seemed like a cool way to make an old gold collection. With under 12 coins I might actually have a shot at making a set of them without intense frustration.

While swapping notes with gherrman44 he pointed me in the direction of an 1875 PCGS MS67 that looked great from the pictures. It's old enough to have one of the 7 digit numbers. It was still under 2x melt and the seller had it marked 5% down until Saturday. I decided to buy it just for fun. I also won an auction for an 1889 (last year for this series) NGC MS66 (top pop for NGC). I've made a set for them (since NGC recently made competitive sets for them) and I'm hoping to have a little bit of fun with this, both short and long term.




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