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Ended Strong



Final Grades posted... Now's the time to celebrate?

My final grades have been posted. I actually did just slightly better than I'd hoped. My semester GPA was a 3.571 and the cumulative average managed to fall to just a 3.764. I think this means I'll make the dean's list this semester and it is increasingly likely that I'll manage to graduate with more than a 3.700 and meet the requirements for graduating Magna Laude. As has been the case 7 times before I've been getting plenty of congratulations from my family. Personally though, it can be a bit hard to be truely proud of yourself when the culmulative GPA is still dropping (even if only slightly).

Even so, I have to admit that I did pretty well (certainly better than most of my classmates) and I usually like to get myself something nice when I meet with success and lately that means {gold} coins. I'm completely Pavlovian in my thinking as I'm sure I've discussed.

I'm waiting on 2 minor purchases that I made over the weekend to arrive and waiting on Friday (Payday, yay!) and Saturday. Those purchases are the MS69 2009 silver Austrian Philharmonic and the MS69 2004 silver Panda. Very fun coins. After Saturday I'll have all the cash I need to buy the coin I want as a prize/celebration for my grades. I have more than enough cash to buy it now but I still think it's better to wait. I really never want to feel like my finances have been threatened by excessive zeal to buy a coin.

The coin(s) I have in mind are a significant departure from the main focus of my collection, but it(they) simultaneously satisfies several things I've been wanting to do and offers a nice brake from my sig set. I've really enjoyed working on that set but I think it's time to take a step-back, get a bit of fresh air and approach it again after some more thought. The coin(s) I'm considering are 0.900 gold, foriegn, and over 100 years old. Hey, if you're going to go off on a tangent then make it a good one, right? The set has the added benefit of only including 10 or 11 coins, so if I do decide to build a set of them I don't have to worry about contracting "endless set exhaustion" again. No, I'm not going to name the coin/set until I buy/win it because it's not a sure thing yet.

Well I'm out until next time. (Resumes the dreaming and drooling about a coins that haven't come in the mail yet... pic included so feel free to join the drooling.)




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