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Glad that week's over...



1 test down...

Okay... So I said I wouldn't buy anything this week and I didn't. Whoop! I bid on something, but it doesn't end until Saturday evening so that doesn't count.

Yes, the fact that I didn't acquire anything for 2 weeks doesn't really seem like a bit accomplishment (big display of self-control right?). Well, when what you want is cheap enough to be an "impulse buy," and you're trying to resist that impulse, that gets rough. Those coins can call with greater force than the sirens calling sailors to the rocks.

To make things better, I woke up Saturday feeling ill. That got worse for a couple of days. Tuesday my fever hit 101 and stayed there most of the day. I finally started to beat it Wednesday though. I still ended up spending the entire week feeling sick and took an exam today which I hadn't felt up to studying for as much as I had intended. Predictably, that didn't go as well as I hoped.... Ah well, that A is pretty well dead... Time to ramp up for Monday, right?

I spent most of the week just looking at this site and looking into new coins and new ideas for my sig set. The concept for that set keeps getting bigger. I keep finding more coins from more countries and (of course) I'd like to have them all. (Feeling miserable also makes you want to buy the nice shiny thing even more too.) If I wasn't sure that I'd never be able to complete this set before, I am now, but I'll have fun trying. I continue to struggle to define precisely what will or won't be included in the set. There are some coins that inhabit a bit of a gray area with regard to my goals for the set. I want to add them but I don't want to "open the door" on other coins I'm definitely not interested in. I'll probably continue making that decision coin by coin as I go along... In the interim I'll continue to look and learn... and drool... and laugh (have any of you heard about the 50th anniversary 1 ounce silver "Barbie" coins? They're PINK! O_o)

It's going to be an interesting week... I have to study for 2 tests, survive the tests, pack my stuff up to go home for the summer, get some time critical work done for my job, and take care of a few other things. That sounds doable...

Never fear though. I will be buying at least one coin to the sig set in the next couple of days. The set is getting pretty close to that psychologically significant landmark: 50 coins. There's already 53 slots, but only 47 of them are filled (I'm still working on those coins).

As a bit of a random point, there's nothing quite so cool as a bird in flight... too bad we've all but removed the eagle from our coinage...




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