Nice Arrival in the Mail Today



Fun little package.

I'm finally home, working on research and waiting on grades. I spent most of the day on the road for work (5 hours in the car just can't get any more fun). When I got back to the house though I found a nice little package waiting for me.

It contained my latest acquisition that I won in an auction on Saturday. It's a Russian 3 Roubles Ballet (yes, that's not a mistake) coin. It's made of 0.900 silver and weighs 34.5 grams (that's on troy ounce of silver in the coin). This adds another country to the list included in my signature set from another part of the world. Armenia and Belarus also issue 1 ounce silver rounds but I haven't gotten around to those yet.

The coin's dated 1993 but it was slabbed very recently so it's in prongs. The thing that's driving me nuts is that it has just the smallest amount of "wiggle room" in the prongs. Everytime I flip the slab over the coin shifts back and forth in the holder. I'm a little concerned about what this sliding motion means long term for the coin. I like the new holders, but the others that I've seen haven't allowed the coin to move around. I'm really tempted to send it back to NGC with my next sub for a re-holder, but based on what I've heard from the other forum members I'm not sure if that'll solve the problem. This is irritating me to no end. I haven't really been able to stop thinking about it since I realized the problem. I can't really feel enjoy the coin if I'm worried about flipping it over.

Anyway... I'm trying to derive some enjoyment from looking the coin over. The coin is absolutely mirror-like. You can literally see yourself reflected in it. I've attached the seller's pictures. I'll be imaging several coins for the signature set now that I'm home again (Kiwis, Kookaburras, some Pandas and Libertads, etc).




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