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The Good, The Bad...

Admiral Mike-migration


The Unethical...

There is that age old saying "you have to take the good with the bad." Bad...Stroke (and subsequent week in hospital); Good.. My friends at NGC (thank you Jaxson for being especially awesome); Bad..furnace went out (new cost me $1300 bucks, could have bought some nice coins with that..); Good... I did buy a couple of new coins that I have added to my Proof Washington Quarters, 1950-1964, current ranking is somewhere in the twilight zone, around 46 or something like that, but still good.; Bad.. went to coin show in SLC, not much material I was interested in; Good.. went to coin show in SLC ( I said that already). I took my other 7 year old son, Gabe, and a couple of the dealers there went out of their way to welcome Gabe, and even gave him some nice starter coins.. score that WAY GOOD. Finally...

Unethical. One of the dealers at the above mentioned coin show was from Sandy, Utah... right down the road.. anyway.. he was sporting a sign saying he was buying coins. Should have said "Outright Stealing Your Coins". Of course I realize they are going to use greysheet buy prices, but they should at least come within 2-3 grades of the coin. This guy didn't even come close. I had PRISTINE early Roosevelt dimes and equally nice early Washington quarters. The offered buy price was so ridiculosly low, I didnt even bother to comment on them, I just picked them up and replaced them in my box. I displayed a few nice Morgans and the offered price, while very low for year/mint/grade, I accepted the offer.. then he gets back to the dimes and quarters, he says, "Are we even close?". I told him "I know what I have, so no" He starts ranting that I was wasting his time. So I picked up all my coins and started to leave. He wanted to know what I was doing. "Well.. you obviously dont have time for me, so I'll go somewhere else!" It boils down to this... he really wanted to low ball me on everything, do it in a hurry so I wouldnt have time to think. I know the dealer tricks they play, so I wasn't a seller this time, but I got some nice coins for Gabe, so I will score that a win too...


Hope you all have a great collecting week.

Michael Cooper



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