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This coin is worth....

Admiral Mike-migration


Whatever YOU are willing to pay for it.

There has been some discussion as to wether we are pricing young collectors out of the hobby, and to a lesser degree, the value of some of these coins. There is a price range availibility for any level of collector and that is the beauty of this hobby. Now matter how much we can spend or how meager our budget, there will be something we can add to our collection. Something we can hold, look at and admire. Something that will continue to inspire our collection and keep alive that spark of "The find".


As for the value of a coin or "what is this worth?". Ultimately and coin, or any collectible for that matter, is only "worth" what someone else is willing to pay for it. Youo can tell me you have a Lincoln 22-no P cent, MS63 and it is worth a fortune... Well.. if I dont collect Lincolns, or just not interested, or maybe I already have one... well (again) You will not get near what the coin "might" be worth. If I need your 09-VDB-s in MS64 to complete my collection, I am going to be willing to pay 2-3x the going price.


To boil this all down... If a willing buyer and seller agree to a price on a coin, and they both walk away happy, then it was a good purchase, at a fair price and nobody has the right to say otherwise.


Michael Cooper



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